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Pesach: Making your Seder fun for children – Halachot and Tips

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So, it’s the highlight of the year this coming Friday night for many families, especially children – The Seder.

The question is, how can we make it a meaningful and educational experience. That’s what the Seder is supposed to be – An educational experience and indeed the whole Seder is structured in a way through which we are all, especially children stimulated to ask questions and discuss.

5 Tips:

  1. It’s best to make sure your kids aren’t starving and guests in general aren’t starving when the Seder starts, otherwise, yes the Seder is a countdown to the chicken soup. Make sure they all eat in the afternoon – This does really help things when the Seder starts. Who can focus (especially kids) and want to discuss on an empty stomach?
  2. Also, go through the Hagadah and prepare your children for the Seder. This will also really help.
  3. Go and buy a Hagadah with your children – This will give them a sense of ownership and feel a connection with their Hagadah.
  4. Use props, games, puzzles, fancy dress, songs and anything else that will stimulate your kids. Look at the internet – There are loads of  fun activities you can download.
  5. As the mishna in Pesachim advises, try to get your kids to sleep in the afternoon before the Seder.

Halachot for kids and young families:

Firstly – Many ask, can you start the Seder early? The answer is no. You can’t start before the stars come out. You can’t make Kiddush before 7.34 this year. 

Secondly, the sizes of matzah and wine they need to eat and drink. Speak to your Rabbi, although generally when children reach the age of, ‘chinuch’ they need to eat the Halachik sizes.

Thirdly – Can kids and indeed all people drink grape juice instead of wine? Click on here.

Fourthly – Can you skip parts out? Ideally, no. Indeed, if you do it right, there shouldn’t be a need to.

However, bear in mind the key parts to the Seder are – Eating matzah, telling the story of the Jews leaving Egypt, highlighting – ‘Pesach, Matzah and Maror’, drinking the 4 cups of wine / grape juice ( as discussed yesterday) and talking about the symbols and food on the Seder plate, especially the maror ( which, in the times of the Temple was a Biblical command to eat).

So, let’s say you do need to skip parts out of the Seder because your kids won’t sit through it, what do you have to say. Here are the key texts: Ma Nishtana, עבדים היינו, the Drashot of the pesukim (מתחילה etc.), כל שלא אמר שלושה דברים אלו בפסח, Hallel. The rest of the Hagadah is less of an issue.   Most importantly, bear in mind, the Seder is an educational experience, so do your best to make it just that.

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