This Tuesday at the Beit Midrash:
* A new chabura led by the amazing Ora Derovan will be starting this week on the topic of Tefilla Chabura learning Nechama Leibowitz on the parsha.
* Please note that the weekly learning session with Chanoch about Israels wars is on a break and will continue in a few weeks when Chanoch returns.
* Open individual learning and chavrutot in the Beit midrash

21:00- Light refreshments. In honor of Purim Katan, were happy to be hosting Rav Yuval Ohali who will be speaking on the topic of The connection between Megilat Esther and Migdal Bavel.

Rav Yuval Ohali is involved in the field of educational, is a social activist and a member of the tzohar organization. Hes an alumni of Yeshivat Kiryat Shmona, Machanaim and a graduate of the Mendel center for Leadership. The Rav is a teacher and is involved in leading educational processes and training education staff.

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