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Ramban Bet Midrash this week

This week at the Tuesday evening Ramban BM:

Please note that there is now a way contribute to the continuation of bringing the lecturers and maintaining the Beit Midrash, through the Secretary of the Ramban Shul (to specifically designate the Beit Midrash for Young Professionals) and to receive a receipt.
This Tuesday at the Beit Midrash:
* A new chabura led by the amazing Ora Derovan will be starting this week on the topic of Tefilla Chabura learning Nechama Leibowitz on the parsha.
* Please note that the weekly learning session with Chanoch about Israels wars is on a break and will continue in a few weeks when Chanoch returns.
* Open individual learning and chavrutot in the Beit midrash.
21:00- Light refreshments followed by a shiur by Dr Tzippy Lifshitz on the topic of visual beauty and its place in the world of our sages: comparision between Rashbi and Rabbi Yochanan.

Dr Tzippy Lifshitz is involved in research, teaching and writing about the spiritual world of Emorai Eretz Yisrael and works to teach and spread Torah to the general population.

The Beit Midrash is completely dependent on donations from participants. Any amount is appreciated.
Looking forward to seeing you!
We encourage you to join us and bring your friends along:

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