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Halachik times for this week

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Here are the zmanim for this week:

A few outlines of davening times:

Shacharit – Le’chatchilah best to daven from  sunrise. But, you can daven from dawn from the time when you can see your friend B’Dieved. You can daven Shacharit until 4 seasonal hours into the day.

Mincha – Can be davened from mincha gedola.

Maariv – Can be davened, from 18 minutes after sunset.

Actual times:

Earliest tefilin:  5.46 am.

Sunrise:  6.40am.

End of saying shema: 9.13-9.14 am.

End of shacharit: 10.04-10.06 am.

Chatzot: 11.46-11.50

Mincha Gedolah – Earliest mincha: 12.17-12.20.

Plag Hamincha: 3.48-3.56.

Sunset: 4.57-5.06pm

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