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Shabbat Hoody Happenings and Parsha gems

Yes,it’s Shabbat again.amazing how quickly it comes around!

Times: Shabbat in 4.04, Out at 5.20.


Daf HaYomi – Hour before Shabbat goes out at Katamon Shteiblech in Ivrit and English.

ELC, 64 Emek Refaim:

8:00 am – “Parsha & Hashkafa for Vayechi: Yaakov Avinu never died!”
with Rabbi Azarya Berzon
8:45 am – Shacharit
10:30 am – Children’s service with Ronnit Goldfain
Followed by Kiddush

3:15 pm- Avot U’Banim
4:05 pm- Mincha
Followed by Seudat Shlishit
with Torah Thoughts from Yossi Press

5:20 pm

Start the Week with Torah: Join us for ONLY 10 MINUTES after Havdalah for some insights of the Maharal.

Ramban – Women’s shiur at 3 , Dr Tovah Genzel at 4.30.

Yakar – Kiddush and Parsha at 9.30.

Eretz Chemdah, 2 Rechov Bruriya: 
This week Rabbi Daniel Sinclair will give the pre Shacharit shiur at 8am and Drasha, before musaf.

Nitzanim – Shiur with Rav Shai Finklestein, after mincha which is at 4.05.

Parsha thoughts from Brendan Stern:

Vayechi – The Blessing of Self Awareness

“All these are the twelve tribes of Israel, and this is what their father spoke to them and blessed them; each man, according to his blessing, he blessed them” (Bereishit 49:28).

The Torah describes how Yaakov provided a personal blessing to each of his sons before passing away. However, when we look at the “blessings” he gave his oldest three children something seems out of place. Reuven is told he is impetuous and missed out on fulfilling his potential (Ibid. 49:3-4 with Rashi). Shimon and Levi were told that they were guilty of murder, that they angered too quickly and plotted to do wrong (Ibid. 49:5-7).

If Yaakov intended to bless his children before his death, why was he so harsh with his oldest three sons? What kind of blessings are these? Were there no nicer parting messages Yaakov could deliver to his children?

The Ralbag explains that what Yaakov said to these three sons was in fact a great blessing. Too often in life people stagnate with a false sense of security and satisfaction in their current spiritual state, turning a blind eye to the areas in their lives that require attention. By pointing out the “flaws” in their character traits, Yaakov was presenting his sons with an opportunity to control and channel those traits properly and by extension allow themselves the means to live up to their potential. Thus, says the Ralbag, Yaakov was not so much criticising his sons but rather encouraging correction in the necessary areas in their lives.

For people who are focused on spiritual growth, which Yaakov’s children most definitely were, the greatest blessing you can receive is to be cognisant of the areas in your life that require improvement. Hence Yaakov’s parting blessing to his sons was the blessing of self-awareness!

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