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Fast 10th Tevet: Times and Ha’Rav Amital – A Kaddish for the Martyrs of the Holocaust

Today is the fast of the 10th of Tevet.


Chatzot – 11.38.

Mincha Gedolah – 12.05.

Plag Hamincha – 3.38.

Shkiyah – 4.42.

Fast out and first Maariv – 5.

Ha’Rav Amital – Asarah B’Tevet and saying Kaddish for the martys of the Holocaust. 

A generation ago, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel declared that the Fast of the Tenth of Tevet, which marks the beginning of the destruction of the Temple, would also be observed as a Holocaust Remembrance Day. Specifically, it would be the day to recite kaddish for relatives whose exact date of death we do not know. Just as the Tenth of Tevet thus has acquired a dual significance, so does the kaddish itself that we recite on this day.

On the one hand, kaddish is recited by each individual for his relatives. On the other hand, when many individuals recite kaddish, when the whole congregation recites kaddish, then it assumes additional meaning. To the extent that we explore this additional meaning of the communal kaddish, the kaddish of each individual will be elevated higher and higher, until the kaddish of each individual will itself attain a power and depth that never existed in the kaddish prayer as recited in past generations.

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