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Networking Events this week

*Tech events this week* – 04.11.18 – 10.11.18:

From MadeinJerusalem.

Sunday 04.11 – Friday 09.11:
“Jerusalem Mini Maker Faire”

Sunday 04.11:
“she codes; Opening of tracks at The American Center, Machon Tal & Cisco” (Registration closed)

“Fireside Chats #4: How to captivate your audience”

“FreeCodeCamp Jerusalem Meetup”

Monday 05.11:
“נטו>ביזנס ☚ סדנא לשיווק דיגיטלי” (הרשמה נסגרה)

Tuesday 06.11:
“she codes; Opening tracks at HUJI” (Registration closed)

“Salesforce in Jerusalem: How to Find, Win & Keep customers”

“Cryptoparty: מסיבת פרטיות ואבטחה בקטמונים”

“Side Project Night”

Wednesday 07.11:
“she codes; Opening tracks at Intel” (Registration closed)

“HappyHourJLM: Facebook + Siftech Launch at HUJI”

(For all those wanting to register for next she codes; tracks, do so here:
See more details of events here –
If you have an event that you would like to add to our calendar, email (make sure you have a link too, e.g. Facebook/Meetup)

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