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Rav Ari Fuld HY’D – Hero In Life; Hero In Death (Reports, Video and Tributes)

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From JPost: Thousands gathered to mourn Ari Fuld from late Sunday night into early Monday morning in Kfar Etzion, a religious kibbutz in the West Bank.

Fuld, 45, left his home for a routine shopping trip and became a national legend for the way he shot a terrorist after he himself was mortally wounded by the Rami Levy supermarket in the Gush Etzion junction.

(Photo on the right from vosizneias)

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Levaya and Hespedim: Click on here.


US and EU condemn attack. Click on here.

IDF raid village of Palestinian terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld. Click on here.

Dov Lipman remembers. Click on here.

Israeli politicians mourn Fuld. Click on here. 

Video of Rav Ari:

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Paula Stern:

2:54 a.m. – just got back from Ari Fuld’s funeral – may his memory be blessed.


Ari Fuld was a very lucky man. He has an incredible family…each and every one.

Ari Fuld’s family are very blessed – they are strong, they are united, they are devoted to each other.

Israel lost a great hero today but not really. We didn’t lose him. He’s just been moved to a new position. Maybe you could say he’s been promoted. He’s now a Guardian. He was always one who guarded Israel, now he watches over us from above.

I’ve said this so many times over the years but each time it is a thought that comes to mind. We mourned today, cried today. We watched his family cry and cried even harder. We suffered today – Ari, his family, his country.

On the other side, maybe they celebrated a little. They certainly didn’t mourn. There wasn’t really any victory. Their little worthless android they sent to kill Ari didn’t actually come out looking like anything more than the coward he is. And Ari, he didn’t actually come out looking like anything more than what he’s always been – with a mortal wound, he took down a terrorist.

So – once again, I’d rather live in a country that will lose an Ari Fuld – which means we were blessed to have had him, than live in a country where their best hero of the day is a sniveling, worthless coward who can only manage to attack someone by stabbing them in the back.

Ari was honored today by the Prime Minister of the Jewish State of Israel for which he fought tirelessly. He was honored by the United States Ambassador to Israel – who traveled from the American Embassy in Jerusalem.

And somewhere in the heavens, I wonder if Ari is looking for a way to open a new Facebook page, open up a new Facebook Live channel.

He’s left a heck of a legacy and set the bar for all of Israel very high.

Josh Hasten:

There is so much to say. But right now, as I sit here shaking at the Gush Junction I don’t know if anything I will say will truly do it justice, but I’ll try.

When I heard there was a terrorist attack at the Gush junction this morning, I was in #Jerusalem. I turned on Facebook and the first thought which popped into my mind was “I’m sure Ari Fuld Ari Fuld’s Israel Defense Page will be reporting on it any minute. Because that was Ari, first at the scene in good times and in bad sharing our reality in #Israel to the world.

An hour later I was stunned to learn that Ari himself was the one murdered. He died a hero, having the presence of mind with his last breaths to turn and shoot the terrorist, possibly saving many other lives.

But he didn’t only become a hero today. He has been a hero for years – helping IDF soldiers in need with equipment and care packages – driving all over the country to deliver them personally.

He himself serving both in the army and as a member of Efrat’s first response unit, protecting civilians so that they can sleep at night, and doing so much more.

When the rockets hit Sderot – Ari went to Sderot
When the terrorists were carrying out rammings at the tzomet – Ari went to share the truth about what we are dealing with here.

But not just the negative. Ari shared the beauty of the Land of Israel to thousands and thousands. I know that he was invited to share his Israel stories in China, Australia, and was gearing up for a speaking tour this fall. Unfortunately that tour isn’t happening.

I have so much more I could say, but shaking as I type, I’ll save it for another day.

Here is one of the videos we shot together a few months ago when Ari was a guest on my radio show. There are other videos we shot together, but I will have to take the time to find them when I can think clearly.

Wishing only comfort to the entire Fuld Family in their unimaginable sorrow. HY”D to a real hero.

Michael Dickson:

Heartbreaking and shocking: Ari Fuld was the 45 year-old father of 4 murdered today by a jihadi terrorist as he was outside a shopping mall. My heart goes out to his family. Ari was a tireless campaigner for Israel and an emergency volunteer. Heroically, he shot the terrorist after he was stabbed, doubtless stopping him from taking the lives of others, but he himself died of his wounds. May his memory be a blessing.

Nadav Reis:

I have so much going on today, and I don’t even care to deal with it all. We lost our beloved Ari Fuld, who was a tremendous person that cared so much about Israel and the Jewish people. The Talmud says that to save the life of a person is to save an entire world. I can’t imagine that someone would want to destroy a world. Down here we cry, but up above there is a parade to welcome such a great person, soldier, father, and mensch. His life should be celebrated, and his memory should be for a blessing. My mind and heart are filling with thoughts and prayers for Ari’s widow and children, Hillel FuldMoshe Fuld, and the entire Fuld family, and beyond. Baruch Dayan Emes.

Elana Abelow Kronenberg:

We got back after 3 am. An entire nation mourns. Thousands attended Ari Fuld‘s funeral. Thousands. We sang, we cried many a tears, and we will always remember Ari as a larger than life real life superhero who put all his heart and soul into all he loved and lived for- his family, Torah, and Eretz Yisrael. May Hashem bring comfort to his entire family and an entire nation who are now left to continue in his way of emet. Am Yisrael Chai.
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