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Nishmat: Womens’s Learning Initiative with Debbie Zimmerman

Short on time? Looking for evening Talmud study?
Nishmat’s Womens’s Learning Initiative with Debbie Zimmerman every Wednesday evening presents The Rebellious Son in Tractate Sanhedrin.
Wednesdays Oct. 10th to Jan. 2nd 8pm – 9:30pm.
Perek Ben Sorer u’Moreh: Tractate Sanhedrin
Chapter 8 – The Rebellious Son
The Talmudic analysis of the topic of Ben Sorer u’Moreh (the rebellious son) raises fascinating theological and legal questions, and evolves into discussions regarding capital punishment, self defense, kiddush Hashem, and the very sanctity of life in Jewish tradition. Together we will study the text of this chapter of gemara and select commentaries to gain insight into these issues and further our understanding of the Talmud. This class includes chevruta and shiur and is geared to a variety of levels.
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