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Fifty Shades of Gold – Celebrating Jerusalem together By Madelaine Black

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Last night, thousands of folk from all shades of the Yerushalmi Jewish spectrum basked in a spirit of togetherness at a Sultan’s Pool concert, where Avraham Fried hosted Avraham Tal and Dani Robus.  

Thankyou IsraelB for letting us know that the event was happening. 

Avraham Fried led a beautifully produced, foot-tapping program of popular Chassidic Jewish music, accompanied by a band of young musicians who were deliberately stylized to look hip. Once the audience was warmed up, the haredi Fried was joined by his non- kippah wearing Special Guest stars, whose music is popular Israeli/ Mizrachi style. 

Fried sung with his guests whilst they performed some of their best known numbers; embracing and back slapping throughout. Beneath the Old City walls, the audience stood clapping and jiggling together in the simcha atmosphere.  It was a joy to experience “Achim B’Nefesh” – also the title of a famous Fried song. 

Daily news reports of civic inter-faction tensions and conflict, and divisive pre-municipal election jockeying, chip away at my perception of united Jewish society in Yerushalyim. So it is a welcome tonic to be reminded that we remain essentially a community who can enjoy being happy and celebrating life together. 

Madelaine Black 

Madelaine Black is an award winning Creative and Marketing Consultant with a reputation for pioneering, bold, successful, initiatives that promote Israel and Jewish causes. She serves as a Board Director of Tzohar. Madelaine and her family moved from London to Jerusalem in 2007. She is a cerified Jerusaholic. 

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