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Chazan/Ba’al Tefilla for the Chagim

Chazan/Ba’al Tefilla for the Chagim:
I am an very experienced Chazzan/Ba’al Tefilla that is available for the coming
Yomim Noraim-September 2018.(Haba’a Aleinu L’Tova).
Knowledge of all- Schacharit,
Musaf, Mincha-Ma’ariv, Kol Nidre & Neilah. Know a lot of Nigunim and Nuscha’ot in
the whole liturgy.
Open to all auxiliary and additional minyonim.  At Kibbutzim,
Yishuvim and offers to Chutz L’Aretz.
Honorarium is negotiable.
Will cover my own
travel expenses on Chutz L’aretz offers.
Contact in Israel:
Alan Gordon-972-2-566-4890
e-mail:  or

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