Looking for a Chatan Teacher? Matan Gold will prepare you for this important life journey.
Couple hood based on Torah values
English/Hebrew, in Jerusalem

Now for the details:

Matan Gold is a trained and experienced Chatan Teacher.

This is what Matan said about his role and approach:

‘I believe that Chatan Teaching is of the utmost importance because it provides Chatanim with tools which can help them build a home based on Torah values and a strong loving relationship with their wife. Unfortunately, these days both of these pillars are not so obvious in Jewish homes. Both are achieved through hard work.

The course given by Eretz Chemda and the Eden Center gave me the opportunity to teach Chatanim about Halacha of family purity as well as marital relations, couple hood & relationship topics. In my opinion, this is the healthy way to start a marriage and understand and internalize each one of these important elements which make up the foundation of a Jewish home in 2018.

My standard Chatan Teaching consists of 4-5 sessions of 1.5-2 hours each, based on “The Marriage Covenant”/ Rabbi Knohl z”l, which take place in my apartment in Baka.’


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