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10 Halachot for the England vs Croatia World Cup Game

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Well, it’s England vs Croatia tonight- We hope England will win!

As usual on IsraelB, we like being as relevant and contemporary as possible,

Here are 10 Halachot to bear in mind for tonight, whilst watching the game:

  1. If you’re eating pizza, on one slice, it’s ok to say mezonot, but on 2 you need to wash and bench.
  2. Best to daven maariv beforehand.
  3. When making a bracha on a drink initially, have in mind you may well drink more and don’t forget a bracha acharonah.
  4. If you’re eating nuts, raisins and fruit etc, make sure to get the order right when making the brachot before and after.  Criteria on order of brachot – if it’s whole, 7 species, what you like etc..
  5. If you are planning to watch outside by a pub or bar, make sure you aren’t expected to buy a drink. It could be stealing if you don’t.
  6. We’re in the 3 weeks. Don’t be over joyous and jolly. More of a problem in the 9 days ( for Ashkenazim..)
  7. If you’re English, there maybe a need to actually support England, cos of,’ Shalom Malchut’.
  8. Try not to curse or swear, however bad England play.
  9. Where ever you watch, bear in mind tznius!
  10. Don’t speak lashon harah about the players, even if they really annoy you! If the referee is bad, maybe able to..

Come on England!!


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