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NETIV HA’AVOT- We Stand With You!!

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Photos from Laura Ben David ( Laura’s photo is on the top/ left and is the cover photo) and Joshua Hasten.

NETIV HA’AVOT – Avi Abelow Explains: 

13 years ago, the summer of 2005, there was no youtube, facebook or twitter. No live videos. The world only saw the pictures and video footage of the expulsion of Gush Katif that the mainstream media wanted to show us.

I was on the ground with a video camera documenting whatever I could to then use in whatever way to make a difference with the footage. That footage ended up turning into the movie I produced called Home Game. I believe it is one of the most powerful, emotional and influential movies made about the people of Gush Katif and what they experienced that summer (you can watch the movie here:…/)

Today, we are able to livestream the video scenes of the expulsion/destruction of homes in Netiv Ha’avot, the raw deal, what is going on, so everyone can see what it means for Jews to be expelled from their homes in our Jewish homeland, real time. May this be the last time!!!

On the ground this morning in Netiv Ha’avot are Joshua HastenLaura Ben-DavidAri Fuld, my sister Elana Abelow Kronenberg and many others. Follow their posts of what is happening today in Netiv Ha’avot.

Click here to watch one of the residents being expelled today, David Van Heijer, explain the absurd situation of his home being destroyed in Netiv Ha’avot:

More stories of the home destructions highlighting the injustice:

Click here to have a better overall understanding of the judicial injustice with these homes being destroyed today:…/

We are home, we are not supposed to expel Jews from homes in our homeland!!!

Explanation of the Picture: The red line crossing through the 15 homes is the questionable land. Due to this red line these 15 homes are being destroyed. Nobody has proved any ownership over this red line of land, yet the Supreme Court decided that these 15 families must be expelled from their homes and their homes destroyed

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