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Diplomatic Terrorism – Understanding Argentina cancelling football game

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From the Jerusalem Post:

I read this fascinating piece about , ‘Diplomatic Terrorism’, that explained why Argentina cancelled their game I wanted to share with you.

Well worth reading. I thought it was excellent and explained a lot:

‘Among all the network babble and contradicting reports surrounding the cancellation of the Israel-Argentina football match, it’s important to carefully analyze what we’re actually facing.

While the cancellation on its own is unfortunate, unlike what the following day’s headlines conveyed, Israel did not suffer a catastrophic blow.

On the other hand, we can’t ignore the possibility that this was a clear example of Diplomatic Terrorism, assuming the cancellation was indeed the result of violent pressure from Palestinians bodies orchestrated by the BDS movement.

Diplomatic terrorism is a unique activity against the state or its representatives, taking place on the international arena aimed at delegitimizing Israel’s standing among the family of nations. Diplomatic terrorism can have effect on many fields, such as media, culture, sport, civil society etc. It succeeds by planting chaos, fright, insecurity and especially the notion that Israel is being defeated on the global podium.

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