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I was very disappointed to read that the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard, wrote this Tweet yesterday, describing the Israeli defense forces action on the Gaza border:

He clearly doesn’t understand what was going on down there. So sad, that responsible Jewish journalists in the Diaspora, are reporting so inaccurately on what really happened down there on the Southern Gaza border. This is totally unfair and unacceptable.

He parallels, the actions of Hamas with that of the Israeli security forces, by introducing his Tweet as, ‘Yesterday was a shameful day’. Was it just a ‘shameful day’. It was far more than that! It was a day, when Hamas planned on storming the border on mass and carrying out multiple terror attacks and kidnappings of civilians and soldiers throughout Israel.

Pollard clearly doesn’t understand the actions of Hamas who organized and executed the riots and terror attacks – No, not ‘protests’, at all as the world press are describing. He said Hamas, ‘exploited, even organized’ – What the hell is he talking about? The riots were totally orchestrated by Hamas. The poor women and children on the Palestinian side were cynically used by Hamas to achieve their goals.

He says they were, ‘charging at the border’. They weren’t just charging at the border – There were clear attempts at 5 points along the border to infiltrate the security fences and kill and kidnap Israelis with deadly weapons. Had the Israeli defense forces not acted, the violence and death toll may well have been far worse on the Israeli side of the border.

Let’s be clear, whilst the American Embassy was being opened in Jerusalem, at the same time, Hamas had planned to carry out carnage in Israel.

He then says,’ No one can tell me’ – Is Mr Pollard saying he knows better than the Israeli security forces who were having to deal with over 40,000 rioters many of whom were terrorists, with knives and guns on them ready to murder and maim? Sitting in the UK, does Pollard have information that the Israeli security forces didn’t know? Maybe Pollard should have stood on the Gaza border to see what was really going on!

According to Pollard they were, ‘unarmed Palestinians’ – What total non-sense. We have photos and video footage of the weaponry they confiscated from these terrorists and rioters.

No country can allow terrorists to break through their borders with an aim to kill and maim.

Yes, the killing of humans, of innocent civilians is terrible. But, the terror organisations are clearly to blame and Israel has every right to defend herself.

Stephen Pollard, please apologize for your factually incorrect and misleading Tweet.




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