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‘Work Hard; Learn Hard’ – SCP celebrates first Siyum

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Jewish history has shown us, that a community which is focused on learning and Halacha ( Jewish Law) has a future. The study of Jewish texts has always been the defining feature of a living and vibrant Jewish community. As I heard Rabbi Sacks once say, ‘ A learning Jew, is a living Jew.’

As we get older and have pressures from work and our personal lives, the quality and consistency of our learning often suffers.

Which is where the SCP – the Smichat Chaver Programme, comes in.

Founded and run by Rav Elyada Goldvicht, son of Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University, Ha’Rav Meir Goldvicht and great nephew of the founding Rosh Yeshiva of Kerem B’Yavneh, Ha’Rav Chaim Goldvicht, the purpose of the SCP programme is to enable working men to learn practical Halacha, which they will know how to apply to their daily family and business lives.

The course takes place at the OU Israel Center and Rabbi Avi Berman, CEO of OU Israel, spoke at the siyum.

Rav Elyada put forth the following 4 aims of the SCP:

‘1)Learn and retain daily halachos that you will encounter throughout the day.
2) Engage your children with interesting contemporary questions.
3) Know the reasons behind the commandments, be able to impart the beauty of Judaism to your family.
4) Celebrate your accomplishment with your family by receiving the blessings and “semichat chaver” from three of the leading Torah illuminators of our generation.’

Danny Dworkin, studying on the course said,’ It is amazing how fun and engaging R’Elyada makes it to learn these complex topics in Halacha’.

This past Monday evening we had our first siyum, celebrating completing studying the laws of Kashrut, in the presence of Ha’Rav Zalman Nechmiya Goldberg and Ha’Rav Amar, both of whom spoke.

Ha’Rav Schachter sent divrei bracha.

These three Torah leaders, are supporters of the programme.

Here are some photos from the Siyum:

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