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Religious woman from Har Nof, Beatie Deutsch – Fastest Israeli woman in Jerusalem Marathon

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Here on IsraelB we love sharing good news about Olim and here is one:

I ran the 10K last Friday and I found that hard – But, a religious mother of five, did much better than me:

Beatie Deutsch, from the Har Nof community in Jerusalem, was the first Israeli woman to finish the full marathon this past Friday.

Originally from New York, the mother of five, completed the full marathon in 3 hours and 9 minutes, making her 25th overall.

Well done Beatie!!

This is what she wrote on her facebook page:

‘There are no words to describe my experience today running the Jerusalem marathon for the first time and finishing as the first Israeli women (and 25th overall!) in 3:09..a time I never thought possible. The atmosphere in Yerushalayim is incredible, so many Jews all coming together to raise money for beautiful causes, the unity, the pride it is truly special.

But what stands out most for me personally is the feeling I had of Hashem accompanying me every step of the way. We know Jerusalem is the holiest city on earth, and I truly felt God’s loving hand guiding me along the course. My goal for this course was 3:16 and I would have been happy with anything under 3:20….but I surpassed my expectations and crossed the finish line 7 minutes earlier. I can only attribute it to the promise Hashem gives us “ואשא אתכם על כנפי נשרים”

When I started running I realized I was going faster than I had planned. I am usually pretty conservative and do my best to hold back in the beginning. This time I just went with it..and I as I realized I was really going too fast I said to myself “Either I’m going to fail and bonk or I’m going to trust in God and if this is plan for me He can carry me to the finish line.”

I knew I had trained well and I wasn’t asking for a miracle. But I was putting my faith in God. I spent a lot of the beautiful –and crazy windy, super hilly– course thinking of all the psalms and blessings we say in which we acknowledge that God is the source of our strength, “הנותן ליעף כח” (Gives strength to the weary).

My Emunah and trust in God is what got me through and powered me to the finish line. My journey to this marathon has not always been easy. There were ups and downs…it’s certainly a juggling act with 5 little children (Baruch Hashem) and a full time job. Discovering my anemia was the lowest point and I almost felt like giving up then. But through it all, I challenged myself to never give up, stay focused on my goal, and Davened for Siyata D’shmaya (heavenly assistance).

And I challenge you to Believe in the Impossible, Give it Your All and Ask Hashem to Help You. I’m completely humbled by all your love and support and the donations you’ve made to the two charities I raised money for – One Family and Beit Daniella…..

Please continue to show your support and donate to…/beit-daniella-therapeutic-rehab…. We are hoping to reach our goal of $30,000 and build this vital center. Wishing you a Relaxing and Inspiring Shabbos!!


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