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Pesach Articles and Readings from COJS

There is so much reading material about Pesach online.

We want to help you get into the Pesach mood here on IsraelB.

Here are some interesting articles about Pesach,from a more academic perspective from the COJS website.

Pesach in the Mishna. Click on here.

The Pesach Hagadah. Click on here.

Pesach Hagadah of Eliezer of Worms. Click on here.

2,500 years of celebrating Pesach. Click on here.

Celebrating Pesach in Jerusalem. Click on here.

An Eye Witness account of Pesach. Click on here.

A liturgical poem for the Shabbat preceeding Pesach. Click on here.

I’ll be adding to this list closer to Pesach.

Enjoy reading!


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