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Kitniyot – Guide and all your questions answered – Also for next Shabbat

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Your questions answered:

-For those who don’t eat Kitniyot over Pesach:

  1. Forbidden to eat.
  2. Permitted to own.
  3. Forbidden to eat if you are a guest where they do eat them.

When last day Pesach is Erev Shabbat:

    1. You need to make an Eruv Tavshilin to be able to cook from Yom Tov to Shabbat.
    2. For Ashkenazim, you can’t use kitniyot to make the Eruv Tavshilin.
    3. Ha’Rav Aryeh Shtern: For Ashkenazim, you can’t cook kitniyot on 7th day Pesach – Erev Shabbat for Shabbat. This is because the kitniyot is not classified as ‘ochel nefesh’ on the 7th day of Pesach and therefore can’t be prepared on Friday for Shabbat.
    4. However, an Ashkenazi can eat kitniyot on Shabbat if it was cooked by someone who could eat kitniyot on Pesach or if it was prepared before Pesach or if it was ready to eat, like chumus.
    5. An Ashkenazi, can eat the kitniyot on Shabbat if it was prepared in a permissible way, on Kosher for Pesach plates as the taste will not be problematic ( ‘Notem Taam Lifgam’) by next Pesach.
    6. The custom is not to eat Chametz on Shabbat, even on plastic plates.

If you have a different opinion, that’s fine with me – Some are more machmir and if you chose to be, I’m very happy for you,but please don’t message me.


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