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How to save money over Purim – Give to the poor instead of Mishloach Manot!

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We seem to forget that for many, Purim is a very stressful time because of all the expenses.

Furthermore, the Rambam in Hil. Megilah 2:17, says that we should be more generous with Matanot La’Evyonim (gifts to the poor) rather than Mishloach Manot or Seudat Purim. 

The Rambam in Hil. Megillah 2:16 that Purim is a day of giving to the poor and that should be the focus of our expenses of the day.

So, how can one save money over Purim and yet still fulfill our obligations?

Seudat Purim:

One should have meat and wine, but if you can’t afford it one just needs to eat a meal with bread to bench over and say ‘Al Hanisim’.

The Rambam in Hil. Megillah 2:15 says one only needs to have a Seudah that he can afford and there is no need to do more than that.

Mishloach Manot:

You need to give 2 separate types of food to one person. Can be a drink and biscuit for instance.

The food needs to be theoretically be included in the Seudah.

Matanot Le’Evyonim:

Need to give 2 manot – food  or money to 2 people.

The value of what you give each person should be around 20 shekels.

Machazit Ha’Shekel:

Nowadays around 22 shekels.

Purim Sameach!


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