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Rabbi Sacks defended by Rabbi Sylvester on Pence Knesset speech

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From Rabbi Gideon Sylvester:

We should applaud, rather than criticise, our rabbis when politicians seek their counsel.

It’s rare for an evangelical Christian, let alone the Vice-President of America to speak like a Jew, but Mike Pence did. His recent speech to the Knesset drew liberally on our sacred texts as Pence reflected on the romance of Jewish history and the return of the Jewish people to its land.

Times of Israel journalist Raoul Wootlif was struck by the uncanny resemblance between passages in Pence’s speech and the writings of Emeritus Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks. At first, he suspected that Pence had plagiarised the rabbi’s words, but a little research revealed that the Vice-President had sought Rabbi Sacks’s help in crafting the religious sections of his speech.

While many saw this as a badge of honour, others complained it was wrong for a rabbi to assist a politician whom they regard as deeply flawed.

Judaism envisions transforming the world into a place of justice and loving-kindness. We work towards that goal every day and people of faith see it as well within their reach. They are surprised by those who do not buy into that vision and try hard to show them its value. Yet, Judaism also cautions rabbis to be pragmatic. For the foreseeable future, not every ill can be cured instantly or entirely.

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