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Rabbanit Racheli Frankel: Layered Nature of Mitzvot

Rabbanit Racheli Frankel gave a very interesting shiur last night at the Ramban Bet Midrash.

She spoke specifically about the Mitzvah of, ‘Hashavat Aveidah’, returning a lost object, but the methodology and message of the shiur can be applied to many other Mitzvot.

Using texts – Pesukim, Rashi, Talmud and the Rambam she demonstrated how a Mitzvah like, ‘ Hashavat Aviedah’ which we assume is simple – is in fact more complex and we should try to return a lost object actually has many layers including:

The balance between on the one hand us being individually responsible to do Mitzvot and the obligation we have in ensuring Mitzvot are done, but we are not personally responsible for that end.

Avoiding a situation where an object will be lost.

Avoiding physical harm – not just harm to an object.

The human responsibility we have to care about others and their property.

How we relate to others and their property reflect and is a reflection of our relationship with Hashem.

How mitzvot in the Torah are related – ‘Hashavat Aveidah’, ‘Lo Taamod Al Dam Re’Echa’, ‘Lifnei Iver, etc.

She concluded by saying we must approach learning about Mitzvot in a deeper way in order to properly understand them.

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