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Shapell’s – Darche Noam Gala Dinner Celebrating 40 Years and Rabbi Hirshfeld retirement

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This past Sunday evening there was a gala dinner to mark the retirement of Rabbi Hirshfeld and 40 years of Shapell’s – Darche Noam institutions.

It was a very memorable and interesting event, connecting past and present Rabbanim and students over generations.

Rabbi Karlinky spoke about how he felt the Yeshiva was like the mishkan, a spiritual home, a place for the Shechina to rest.

Rabbi Shurin, noted how the real success of Shapell’s was that it was in Israel and that it appealed and connected students from around the world.

Rabbi Hirshfeld spoke about the centrality of happiness and tradition in serving Hashem and how we must feel part of a train of tradition and community. He emphasized the importance of Midot and feeling connected to your Rabbaim and teachers.

The humility, warmth and dedication of Rabbi Hirshfeld were praised by the speakers.

Here are some photos:

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