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Yaffa Glick (wife of Yehudah) – Levaya / Shiva Details

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A really special person: Yaffa Glick’s first husband died from cancer when she was 23 years old, and she was left on her own with two babies. After the mourning period, she married Yehuda Glick and together they had four children of their own. One was born with a serious heart defect and another suffered from severe burns. After their children recovered, their home in the yishuv of Otniel burned down completely. Despite all this, the Glicks adopted two foster children and became legal guardians for the 6 orphans of the Aimes family, whose parents were shot to death in a terrorist shooting.

Levaya / Shiva details:

The levaya for Yaffa Glick:

Today, Monday 1st, 14th Tevet.

When? 3.30pm.

Where? Bet Hesped, “Kehilat Yerushalayim’, Har Hamenuchot. Givat Shaul.

Shiva details? Their home in Otniel ( I can’t publish address)

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