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Jobs Daily – Networking Events

From Made in Jerusalem

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*Tech events this week* – 07.01.17 – 13.01.18:

Sunday 07.01:
“ביטקוין- מה זה בכלל? ואיך זה קשור לעתיד שלנו?” – bit.ly/2Cu0kSN

“פתיחת מסלולים בסיסקו ירושלים – ינואר 2018” – bit.ly/2zRdDH

“חמש אצבעות מיטאפ ליזמים” – bit.ly/2EfVeb0

Tuesday 09.01:
“Masschallenge – Co-Founders Speed Dating and Pitching #2 in Jerusalem” – bit.ly/2Cmw4ah

See more details of events here – madeinjlm.org/events/
If you have an event that you would like to add to our calendar, email rachel@madeinjlm.org (make sure you have a link too, e.g. Facebook/Meetup)

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