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Modesty, Humility and Love of Man and Torah – Ha’Rav Ahron Leib Steinman ZT’L

I don’t come from that world and can’t relate to many aspects of it.
However, sitting here working, whilst listening to Kol Chai to the statement Rav Shteinman wrote, he wanted read out at his levaya in place of hespedim for him, we can all learn much, who ever we are and however religious we are.
Ha’Rav Shteinman was seen as a mainstream leader in the Charedi community and was supportive of Charedim integrating more into general Israeli society, through work and national service. He was against public demonstrations and unrest. 
In our generation, when there is so much arrogance, judgmentalism and pursuit of ‘kavod’ and social acceptance – More so in the ‘frum’ community than any other. When the way people behave,dress and speak is governed by their ego and the way they want to be perceived, rather than the pursuit of the truth. How much do we need these values of Ha’Rav Shteinman.
The greatest sage in our generation, Rav Ahron Leib Steinman,in these parting words from this world, he wanted read out before he was buried, showed his true modesty, humility and love of man and Torah.
May we all follow his example modesty, humility and love of Torah and man.
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