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I am delighted to announce that I met with Ariel Chesner today at World Bnei Akiva and we decided that we will now be working together helping Bnei Akiva Olim make Aliyah and integrate into Israeli Society.

Here  is the information from Ariel about how World Bnei Akiva can help its Olim, that he wanted me to share with you:

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The Bnei Akiva Network is a family of olim and Bnei Akiva alumni who want to help other olim with the process of making it here in Israel (as well as staying connected abroad). The network allows you to connect with people both on the professional and social level. If you’re looking for advice on a field of study or career, need help translating your CV, looking for information about joining the army or sherut leumi – why spend hours searching the internet when with a few clicks you can talk to someone who can explain it all?
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