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Marcus J Freed: Update – Good News!

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From Audrey Jacobs:

Miracle of Miracle, Marcus J Freed is home his apartment with Mum sleeping on the couch watching over him day and night. Dad nearby and managing the aftermath.
It’s been quite a terrifying journey for Marcus and his family. Even though he stood up after he was hit by a car a week ago while walking home from shul, he was unaware that he had a traumatic brain injury and his brain was bleeding. after being rushed to the hospital the doctors twice in four days had to drill into his head sticking in tubes to drain out the blood. See the scar in the picture. Yet his brain would not stop bleeding and the doctors were concerned multiple times that he wouldn’t make it. Your prayers and the blood platelets transfusions kept Marcus alive. Thank you.
Marcus lost a lot of blood but none of his wits. Mentally he’s 100% himself however without the morphine, and only Tylenol he’s in tremendous pain. The nurses couldn’t find vein’s in his arms so they’re black and blue. The scar on his head is throbbing. His brain hurts. Right now he cannot look at a screen, he cannot read a paragraph. At best he can speak to a loved one for 10 minutes at a time. Then he must rest.
If you would like to visit Marcus, please reach out to his father Barry directly to schedule a time. If you do not have his number, please message me.
The police still have not found the man who it hit Marcus. We are collecting resources and opportunities on how to handle the long journey of expenses and healing ahead.
Thank you all who’ve given your love, prayers, help, suggestions, connections and generous donations. We are halfway to our goal. 

Click on here to donate to help Marcus.

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