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“L’ART DE VIVRE” RETREAT – 23-26 Nov  – Tzfat, Israel 

Succat Shalom is delighted to extend to you an exclusive invitation to our “L’Art De Vivre” Shabbaton in Tzfat 23-26 Nov 2017 

Please join us for a “Therapeutic Shabbaton of Joy” in Tzfat Israel, one of the world’s most spiritual mountain cities, on 23-26 Nov. The Retreat is called  L’ART DE VIVRE”. We will be overlooking the Meron Valley and enjoying the pure and mystical Air that Tzfat has to offer, where everything suddenly seems possible. 

The purpose of these 3 days is to reconnect with our souls and our inner dreams, to take time out to appreciate the gifts we have been blessed with, and to become re-energised and focused to live healthier, longer, younger and more fulfilled lives. 

To this end, we have invited Five dear friends and leading experts to share with us their special gifts and insights: 

  • Yoel Tordjman will lead us through an experiential “Art Therapy” session and invite us to see our world through different eyes – you will also be able to buy signed copies of his work so you can continue his art therapy when you return back home – www.yoeltordjmanart.com 
  • David Kaufman will facilitate the “Nutrition for a Healthy Life” session, unravelling some of the misconceptions about healthy eating and explaining how we become not only what we eat but how we eat. He will also be leading an optional one day extension workshop on Mon 27 Nov (see below for details) 
  • Allen Berkowitz will lead us through an interactive session where we are invited to learn how to “Shine in all our Relationships”  
  • Chaim David an expert on Kabbalistic Energy Healing, will lead two interactive sessions on “Discover your spiritual Mission” and “Why the World needs you to Succeed  
  • I will lead the “Nature Therapy” with a gently mindful trek in the Baal Shem Tov forest. 
  • Finally Yonatan Shumer will be taking us through a number of “Authentic Jewish Meditations” 

The retreat will commence with a sunset wine tasting event overlooking the Meron Valley on Thursday 23 Nov at 4.00pm and will finish on Sunday 26 Nov at 6pm.  The cost of the four days (three nights) retreat is £450, including the Program, Meals and Accommodation. We really hope you will be able to join us, to become strengthened, by strengthening each other, to really live our dreams. 

There will also be an optional one day extension workshop on Mon 27 Nov: 

Nutrition for a Healthy Life Workshop. Mon 27 Nov 2017 – Tzfat 

They say we are what we Eat. If that is the case then perhaps we should be paying much more attention to what we eat and how we eat it 

We have invited leading nutritional expert in Tzfat, David Kaufman, to take us through the truths and the misconceptions behind what makes a healthy nutritious diet. 

David will be holding a full day workshop on Mon 27 Nov 2017 in Tzfat which will include the following topics: 

       The purity of Water 

       The power of Fruit 

       The benefits of Vegetables 

       The importance of Colour in Food 

       Why Carbohydrates 

       Do we need Proteins 

       Is it worth pay for Organic 

       How we Eat is as important as what we Eat 

Together with David, will be a leading Israeli chef, to demonstrate how to make healthy balanced delicious meals quickly and with joy 

Our aim is to empower you with some amazing insights about food and demonstrate it in a relaxed and fun way 

This one day workshop is an extension to our “L’Art De Vivre” Shabbaton and costs £65  

David will be giving a short class during the Shabbaton, but this workshop will give you a chance to understand in much greater depth how to eat healthily. 


With great appreciation and gratitude to the Almighty, this is our Fifth Retreat. There are limited places available and I would love you to be one of our special guests. 

Claudia Bookey will be organising transportation options for you and can be reached on +44 (0)7958 128 208 

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