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Marcus J Freed – Update and Donate to ‘Miracle Fund’

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Donate to help Marcus cover medical costs: Click on here.

From Audrey Jacobs:

Thank you!

We are 58% to our goal to raise $100K for Marcus’ medical costs. Let’s do it tonight! To inspire others to give, please comment on how Marcus inspires you. Today I was speaking with Marcus’ father Barry as he was facing a harsh reality that the US does not have health coverage and support like the UK does. He was worried not only about a second brain surgery but also the extreme cost of post care. Marcus is going to recover!

Marcus is going to continue to brighten and enlighten our world! I don’t want him to worry about crushing medical bills. I️ need your help to get to 100%! Every donation is cherished.

Please contribute and share the campaign.

Updates on Marcus’s condition from Audrey Jacobs ( written 8 hours ago)

I will try to post another update later.

Thank you Hashem!

Marcus is now safely out of surgery but healthwise, he’s three steps back again where he was the morning after the accident…. tubes in his head draining blood.

He is VERY groggy and in much pain so please no visitors tonight. I’ll let you know in the morning if he’s up to see guests. His Mum has his phone so if he “responds” it’s Mum. THANK YOU for YOUR prayers.

Before his surgery this morning Marcus was asking his parents to know who sent blessings and donated to his campaign. He was moved to tears.

Each bit of your soul you give to him, uplifts him and strengthens his will to heal!


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