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Shabbat Hoody Happenings & Rav Alex Israel on the Parsha

Yes, back to Beraishit. Here are some things on for this Shabbat.


Hadlakat Neyrot at 5.29, Shabbat out at 6.44.

What’s on:

Top floor of Shteiblech – davening at 8.30, kiddush.

Yakar, 10 Lamed Hey, kiddush after tefilah.

Ramban Shul, Rav Benny Lau giving shiur at 5.30.

ELC, 64 Emek Refaim, Rav Berzon Parsha shiur at 8, Kiddush at around 11.

Shir Chadash, Rechov Chopin – Learning programme, shiurim following shacharit with Ohel Nechama minyan, followed by kiddush / Emek 43 – davening at 9.15, kiddush at 11.15.

Nitzanim, Rav Shai Finklestein giving his shiur as usual after mincha.

Daf Hayomi:

Hour before Shabbat out in Ivrit and English at Katamon Shteiblech.

Rav Alex Israel on the Parsha:

What do you discuss at your Shabbat table?

Last year, I began a weekly “Parsha Discussion” to help stimulate discussion on the weekly parsha around the Shabbat table. This could be good for teens or guests of any age..

Click on here to read Rav Alex’s Parsha thoughts for Beraishit.

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