KEREN GEFEN MIND-BODY FERTILITY ORGANIZATION, the only organization of its kind in Israel, was established as a non-profit organization to provide psychological and emotional support to fertility-challenged women AT NO COST.

It is well known that psychological barriers such as stress and depression often brought on by prolonged infertility – – prevent many women from becoming pregnant. We have created an array of innovative programs to address these barriers and significantly increase chances of pregnancy. We have helped over 500 women thus far with overwhelming success.

Our main programs in English include:

Mind/Body Therapy Workshops and Individual Psychological Therapy facilitated by psychologists and clinical social workers, who are experts in the field of fertility.

In the Mind/Body Therapy Workshops women build a supportive community, learn relaxation techniques, and engage in cognitive restructuring to challenge negativity. Participation not only increases coping strategies, but also enables mood and behavioral changes that positively impact fertility.

Yoga for Fertility Workshops proven to reduce the stress that is a known barrier to fertility. Through breath work and body movement, yoga calms the mind and nervous system, while increasing blood flow to crucial areas to support healthy reproductive organs. Yoga is recognized as an important element of many leading fertility clinics around the world, and is now being offered as an integral part of the Gefen program.

Transfer with Tranquility: This unique program is offered to women undergoing IVF treatment. Just before embryo transfer and for the week following while they await results, we meet with them to engage in restorative poses, breath work, and gentle body movement. A relaxed body and mind allow for optimal conditions during the IVF procedure.

Fertility Preservation Workshops: Our newest Mind/Body project is the Fertility Preservation Workshops, created for women in their 30’s who have not yet found their partner and are at prime fertility age. The purpose of these workshops is to empower women to make informed choices about their future by taking their fertility into their own hands. They focus on the decision-making process, understanding the medical procedure, social and economic implications, as well as emotional concerns. In each workshop, one session is facilitated by an IVF specialist physician from Hadassah Hospital, who explains the medical implications and chance of success.

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