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EFT – Tapping is a drug free, quick and simple way to process negative emotions
Pearl Lopian is a Counsellor and certified EFT Practitioner with 10 years experience in the UK and Israel 
Jerusalem Post articleClick on here to read the Jerusalem Post article about Pearl.
New Year, New Mazel, New Body. 
Start the New Year lighter with proven techniques you can do for yourself.  
Starting Monday 18 September  9.00 am – 10.45 am
Emotional stress often contributes to weight gain and the inability to shed those extra pounds. Diets don’t work unless you deal with the emotional causes that put the weight there in the first place. When you process emotions in a healthy way, you release the blockage to losing the weight.. Enjoy your diet and stick to it, instead of feeling imprisoned or deprived because of it.
Tapping weight loss groups yield fast and effective results at a reasonable price and they’re fun too !
Week 1: Sept 18 -Intro and how to Tap  –  Exploring desires, and expectations. 
Week 2: Oct 2 Cravings – What’s causing cravings and how to release them
Week 3: Oct 16 -Beliefs – What’s really blocking you from being slim?  
Week 4: Oct 23-Loving our bodies – Accepting who we are whatever we look like
Week 5: Nov 6 -Techniques – Exploring what works and what doesn’t
Week 6: Nov 13 -Conclusion – How to carry on by yourself, losing weight and keeping the weight off
COST 300 NIS for the course 
Learn Tapping to Help Yourself de-Stress
FREE Tapping Workshop 
Tapping can help clear negative thoughts, release stress and anxiety and so much more!!
The results are fast and highly effective
You will learn how to perform the tapping sequence and be able to incorporate EFT into your daily life.  
Sunday 17 September  
The Tapping Centre  Germany Colony area of Jerusalem 
for more information 
contact 058 792 9110 

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