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5 Reasons To Go To Jerusalem Wine Festival

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So, last night I went to the Jerusalem Wine Festival.

I felt it was worth the 95 shekels – I got there early the which is recommended as you don’t waste time queuing up.

I actually thought it was better than last year – There was a larger selections of wines and liquors and the pizza and cheese etc was also really good.

Here are 5 reasons why I think you should pop along to the Wine Festival if you haven’t been yet:

  • There was a wide selection of good wines –  I also really enjoyed the liquors.
  • You will no doubt bump into friends and people you probably haven’t seen for ages.
  • There is a unique summer atmosphere and it’s a special that it’s happening in Jerusalem.
  • I think it’s important out of principle to support these types of events in Jerusalem.
  • Jerusalem, especially at the moment, is associated with terror attacks, demonstrations and tension, and it’s good to experience, ‘normal Jerusalem’. Normal people, having fun!

If you want to write a review on your experiences from the Wine Festival,you’re welcome to send them to me to post on the IsraelB website-

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