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Nas Daily in Jerusalem – Tomorrow!!

Facebook Star, Nuseir Yassin, to hold Arab – Jewish meet up tomorrow in Jerusalem. Click on here to read more.

Facebook Event:


This is my last meetup for a while and I think this would be the perfect opportunity to say byebye:

A Jerusalem meetup, on a Friday, at a time that fits for boths Jews and Muslims (2-5 PM before Shabbat) and in a place near everybody (First Station, Jerusalem). The wonderful center is hosting us all in their big hall, so we should have space for all. Bring friends.

Come! It’ll be fun, I swear. You’ll make new friends, we’ll make friends, and a video will definitely be made. In light of recent develoments in Jerusalem, I don’t think it’ll be dangerous at all.

Come make friends and have fun!

P.S This invitation is for ALL Arabs and Jews and non-Arabs and non-Jews!

Click on here for FB event.

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