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Clarifications: New Driving Test Regulations for Olim

Yesterday, there was considerable excitement over the new driving regulations for Olim and the new requirements for them to be able to drive here.

Big thanks to Liami Lawrence and Keep Olim for all their hard work in moving this forward.

Here are some important clarifications. We will be providing more details as we hear about them, so stay tuned – Subscribe to our IsraelB Newsletter the latest straight into your email box.

Nefesh B’Nefesh sent out this message:

You may have read about changes regarding the license conversion regulations for Olim.

Please be aware that as of this moment, no adjustments have been officially implemented yet. We will post again with any new updates and will update our website with any new information, here:…/drivers-license-cars/converting-fo…/

Also click on here for clarification from NBN.

Jerusalem Post: Green Light for Olim – Experienced Drivers No Longer Need to Retake Test.

Click on here to read this well written article about changes.

Article in Ivrit from Yisrael Hayom: Click on here.



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