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Gateshead Rov Harshly Condemns Rabbi Joseph Dweck On Homosexuality

The Gateshead Rov, harshly condemned the views recently expressed by R’Joseph Dweck.

Until now, it was just a matter within the Sefardi community, but the Gateshead Rov, who is widely respected for his balanced and broad perspective, was forced to join the leading world Sefardi Rabbinic authorities, in rejecting the views of Dweck.

R’Dweck’s views are mistaken and not based on Mesorah or accepted tradition.

Here is the letter in Ivrit and English:

To my colleagues and friends, Rabbonim of London,

I write to answer your query, and to clarify my thoughts regarding Rabbi Joseph Dweck and his rulings. I have listened to the recordings of many of his Halachic lectures and it is clear that he is not equipped to rule on Halacha, due to his limited knowledge, weak Halachic reasoning skills, and lack of training. It is clear from his lectures that he lacks many of the forty eight requisite qualities needed to acquire Torah such as awe, fear (of Heaven), modesty, purity, Rabbinic training, and scholarly interactions with his colleagues.

For the above reasons one cannot rely on his rulings and he is not fit to be a Rabbi.

Signed for the sake of Torah and the truth,

Rabbi S. F. Zimmerman
Senior Rabbi, Gateshead
Av beit Din (head of the Jewish Beit Din)


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