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Rabbi Roselaar: Pre-Pesach shiurim at Alei Tzion

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A reminder that Rabbi Roselaar will be giving two Pre-Pesach shiurim at Alei Tzion, in London.
Tuesday 28th March (9.00 pm) – A review of Hilchot Pesach including kashering, kitniyot and the Seder night.

Tuesday 4th April (9.00 pm) – Insights into the Haggadah and ideas for a stimulating Seder.

The Rav will be available at the shul for Mechirat Chametz on Sunday 2nd April (9-10 am / 8-9 pm) and on Tuesday 4th April (8-9 pm).

The Shabbat Hagadol Shiur will be on Shabbat 8th April on the topic of Kashering Glass, Pyrex & Corelle – For Pesach and Throughout the Year. (Mincha 7.05 pm.)

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