Two leading world Rabbis, Chief Rabbi Mirvis and Rabbi Berel Wein have strongly condemned the outrageous declaration of UNESCO saying the Jews don’t have an historical connection to the Temple Site in Jerusalem.

Chief Rabbi Mirvis:

Nearly four thousand years ago at Mount Moriah our patriarch, Abraham, taught his son, Isaac, that this was a place more special to them than any other on earth; a place later to be called Jerusalem.

During the millennia that followed, the Jewish people were exiled, enslaved and redeemed. We built Temples and Kingdoms but were tortured and subjugated. We were crucified, persecuted and nearly exterminated. Throughout it all, in every generation, parents resolved to teach that same lesson to their children. They taught that Jerusalem is the very heart of the Jewish people, it is the centre of our physical universe and it is the place where the Divine presence itself rests.

The UNESCO resolution, which whitewashes our deep and eternal relationship with Judaism’s holiest site, is an affront to our identity and undermines positive dialogue for peace in the region. But, four thousand years from now, Jewish parents will still be teaching this very same lesson to their children and there is nothing that UNESCO can say or do to change that.

Rabbi Berel Wein:

What the UN said this week about Yerushalayim was worse than equating Zionism to Racism. A total outrage and rejection of history. What’s even more disgraceful is that the Christian world remains silent.

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