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Rosh Hashanah – Tashlich Locations in Jerusalem

There is a beautiful custom to do, ‘Tashlich’ on Rosh Hashanah.

Click on here to read more about the custom.

Pls email me – with more places I can add.

Where can you do it?

Private Locations:

Firstly, I cannot give away private locations, but you will see people gathering in the front garden areas of properties which the general public are welcome to use, opposite the Katamon Shteiblech, along Rachel Imenu just after the ‘One Family’ building and along Elazar Hamodia by the corner where the football pitch is by the park.

Public Locations:

Any fountain or stream. You just need to keep your eyes out. There are in Gan Ha’atzmaut and on the corner of King George and Rechov HaRamban.

A regular mikveh for kelim.

Botanical Gardens, in Nayot. Very popular place to do it. A bit of a singles hang out too.

In Ir David.

Gan Havradim by the Knesset.






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