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TEL AVIV: Tisha B’av 2016 / Shabbat Meals – Pre Tisha B’av

IsraelK is growing and also now covering Tel Aviv.

This Sunday ( starts on Sat night straight after Shabbat) is Tisha B’av and we wanted to share with you things on this coming Shabbat and Tisha B’av in Tel Aviv.

I will be updating this listing this Friday – pls email me – for more things on over Tisha Bav and the Pre-Tisha B’av Shabbat.

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This coming Shabbat in Tel Aviv:

Friday Night meal with the TAIS . Click on here.

Shabbat afternoon – Pre Tisha Bav Meal / Seudah Shlishit:

With the TAIS. Click on here.

Tisha B’av:

With 126 Ben YehudahClick on here.

Eicha on the BeachClick on here

Yakar Tel Aviv, 6 Yericho Street:

תחילת הצום 19:25 Beginning of the Fast
ערבית, איכה וקינות: 20:35 Ma’ariv followed by Megillat Eicha & Kinot
לאחר התפילה – שיעור של הרב חננאל רוזן:”מי אחראי על החורבן?”
Shiur with R’ Chananel: “Who Destroyed the Temple?”

שחרית וקינות 7:00 Shacharit (1st Minyan
שחרית מניין שני- 9:00 Shacharit (2nd Minayn
קינות מודרכות על ידי חברי הקהילה – 10:00 Guided Kinot
מנחה מניין א’ – 13:30 Mincha (1st Minyan
מנחה -19:00 Mincha (2nd Minyan
ערבית -19:45 Ma’ariv
צאת הצום – 19:55 End of Fast

Tisha Bav in Jerusalem. Click on here for everything on.





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