I have had some requests to provide info for Olim of how to meet Israelis, so here some advice.

Of course the dating sites I have already posted like shlish gan eden will be useful.

Make sure to look at these previous 3 posts I have done this week:

1 10 Useful Fb Groups for singles. Click on here.

2 Popular Dating Sites. Click on here.

3 Useful Communities, Organisations and Shuls for singles. Click on here.

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As usual, please send me info of more I can add – benjysinger@israelk.org . I will hopefully be adding to this listing when I get more details as I’m waiting for people to send me info!

Firstly and most importantly, learn Ivrit and get Israeli friends!

Also, here are some useful links that should help you:

Minyan Chibbah – Click on here.

Ramban Bet Midrash – Click on here.

Shiur, ‘Mizavit Acheret’ – Click on here.

‘Nekudah Todah L’Tziirim..’ – Click on here.

‘Mah Ossim Hayom B’Yerushalayim’ – Click on here.

Events for young Israelis – Click on here.






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