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Benjy Hockley – Update / Pre-Shabbat Tehilim/ Davening Name

Update from Josh Hockley, 7/7/2016:

Benjy has been breathing without the support of a ventilator for almost a week. He has spontaneously moved both arms in a normal non seizure like manner. He is reactive to pain but other than that response is currently limited to eye movement.

Benjy is still quite sedated as a result of the anti- seizure medication but happy to report these small improvements and inspire more belief and prayer.

When he is stable enough, the plan is to transfer Benjy to a specialised Neuro rehabilitation unit (suitable for all his needs) to continue his recovery.

We would like to complete a fresh cycle of the Book of Tehillim before Shobbos. If you can spare 3 minutes to focus on Benjy and ask G-d to return him to us in full health, then click on the link, say a chapter and click on the bottom to confirm that it has been read.

Thank you for your support xxx

בנימין יצחק יוסף לייב בן פיגא

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