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PURIM 2016 in TEL AVIV – Parties, Megillah Readings, Activities for Kids and much more

Yes, we are doing our best to cover Tel Aviv too.

Join our ISRAELK Zivug Zone FB Group and ISRAELK Merkaz / Tel Aviv FB Group for all parties in Tel Aviv over Purim. Scroll down the group to see what’s been posted over the past week.

I will be adding to this listing so please check tomorrow.

So, what’s on in Tel Aviv over Purim?

Please check yourself if the events are suitable for your level of religious observance.

Please email me with more things on in Tel Aviv I can add –

Click on the links here for more info:

– ITravelTelAviv Website.

– Tel Aviv International Synagogue.

-Tel Aviv International Synagogue – Purim Performance for Kids. Click on here.

Listing of best parties in Tel Aviv.

126 Ben Yehudah.

Yakar Tel Aviv.

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