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PURIM 2016 – MEGILLAH TIMES: Later readings, Round the Clock with Chabad Rechavia, Women’s Readings, Mixed Readings.

Well, it’s Purim again which means you are going to be asking me about times for Megillah Reading.

For all the parties,other megilah reading times not listed below and things on over Purim,check out the ISRAELK Zivug Zone FB Group.

Make sure to join the ISRAELK  Beit Midrash and ISRAELK Community News FB Groups for all the Halachot and what to do over Purim.

I will be adding to this listing over the next few days – pls email me – more info to add about Megillah Readings in your community:

TZOHAR Readings around Israel. Click on here for where your nearest location is.

Regular Megillah Readings tonight – Most Megillah readings tonight are after Maariv which in most places is at 6.15 ish.

Later Readings at night:

Katamon Shteiblech has readings later on the in the evening. In general the times are flexible and you need to come to  the Shteiblech.

Times : 6.15, 8.30,9, 10pm.

Shir Chadash – 8pm. Click on here for details.

Harel, 4 Hashayarot: 8pm.

Yedidya,Rechov Lifshitz: 7, 8pm.

Ramban Shul, Times: 8.30pm.

Later Readings in Day:

Shir Chadash – 9-11am. Click on here for details.

Harel,4 Hashayarot: 9am.

Yedidyah,Rechov Lifshitz:   9am.

Yakar, 9am.

Ramban Shul, 8.45.

Katamon Shteiblech for women – 10am.

Shir Chadash: Family Friendly Megilla only 10 AM at the Pear home, HaPalmach 54.

Early morning:

Katamon Shteiblech – 1st minyan at 5.50am.

Ramban – 5,50/ 7am.

Women for women Readings:

MATAN: Click on here.

Click on the Kolech Website and you’ll see all the women’s readings on.

Morning: At Gila Hoch-Beiler: Rechov Shalom Yehuda 18/9 – at 9 am

קריאת מגילה עבור נשים ע”י נשים ביום חמישי בערב: הקריאה תתקיים ביום חמישי 20:00 בקהילת גוננים – בבית אבות עידן הזהב שברחוב אליעזר הגדול, קומה 4.
כולכן מוזמנות!
Megillat Ester Reading for women by women: Thursday evening (Shushan Purim) 8pm at Bet Avot Idan Hazahav, Rechov Eliezer HaGadol, Katamonim, Jerusalem 4TH FLOOR. Look forward to seeing you!

Mixed Readings in the evening:

PARDES:  Click on here.

Yedidya:  Click on here.

Chabad Rechavia – Round the Clock Reading:






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