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Levaya Details – Names of Injured in terror/ Simchat Torah Info for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv/ Hakafot Shniyot/ Second Day YT Davening.

I’ve lived in Israel for almost 11 years. Writing this post in some ways reflects life here. On the one hand I have listed the levaya details / names of those injured in last nights terror attack in the Old City. But also, I have listed what’s on for Simchat Torah. Life goes on despite everything.

Levaya Details / Names of injured in last nights terror attack:

Levaya Details – Givat Shaul:

Rav Nechemya Levi – 12pm.

R Aaron Bennett – 1.30pm.

Names of injured:

Adel bat Miriam
Natan ben Adel

Simchat Torah Info:

Please send me more info of what’s on in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem – – I’ll be updating this listing later.



Shuls to daven at:

People have asked where to daven.

Most shuls have hakafot etc tonight and tomorrow. Yakar and Ramban have separate dancing for women, as do many other shuls. The ELC on 64 Emek Refaim, Eretz Chemdah, Shir Chadash and our other communities all have nice tefilah – can’t really go into details. In Nachlaot, you have Maayanot and other places people like.

Chag comes in / hadlakat neyrot at 5.46 pm and mincha/ maariv/ hakafot etc in shuls is at around 6-6.15 pm. Shacharit may start earlier tomorrow. Chag ends at 6.56 pm.

Scroll down the My Shteiblech FB Page for posting.

-Vatikin – Ramban Shul – 6.10am, Katamon Shteiblech – 6 am.

-Ohel NechamaShir Chadash young minyan – special davening.

Old City Celebrations. Click on here.

-Hakafot Shniyot

Yonatan and Aaron Razel – Kraft Stadium from 9pm – Flyer on My Shteiblech FB Page.

Shlomo Katz and Solomon Brothers – 12 Emek Refaim. Flyer on My Shteiblech FB Page.

– 2nd Day Yom Tov Davening – Erloy in Katamon – on Rachel Imenu, Shacharit at 8.30am.


-126 Ben Yehudah – Simchat Torah Happenings.

-Tel Aviv International Synagogue – Click here for Simchat Torah Happenings.

Chag Sameach!



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