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Sukkot Activities in Israel

Yes, the seriousness of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is over and it’s time to have some fun over Sukkot!

I’m doing a listing of what’s on over Sukkot – Chol Hamoed.

Please send me info I can add – to .

Also, here are the Halachot of Arbah Minim and Kedushat Shvitt.

Also, here is a Dvar Torah for Sukkot from R’David Brofsky.

Thanks and Chag Sameach!


(Second Day Yom Tov Davening: Inbal Hotel, Erloy on Corner of Rachel Imenu and Rechov Yatom – 8.30 am start.)

  1. For children and families. Fun in Jerusalem, with Joanna Shebson.
  2. Fun throughout Israel for families and kids. LoveLoveIsrael, with Deborah Dickson.
  3. Jerusalem Iriyah Website. Sukkot Activities in English.
  4. ITravel JLM
  5. Tel Aviv Iriyah Website. Sukkot Activities in English.
  6. ITravel TLV
  7. Sukkot in Tel Aviv. Click on here for everything going on.
  8. Daf Hayomi – 7.15 am at Katamon Shteiblech.
  9. Ohel Rivka – 6.15 mincha followed by shiur. Maariv 7pm.
  10. Hakel – Wednesday:
  11. Birkat Kohanim –
  12. Cultural Events: Things To Do in JLM, from Deena Levenstein.
  13. Sukkot Street Fair – Tuesday, Derech Bet Lechem.
  14. Tachana Rishona – Thursday. Sukkot Festivities.
  15. Chabbad Rechavia – Sukkot Party: chabad rechavia
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