Dating Event:

Run by Acheinu – English Speaking Frum/Yeshivish singles ages 25 – 38 years:

Date: Sunday, May 10, 2015

Time: 8:15pm
Focus: English Speaking Frum/Yeshivish singles ages 25 – 38 years
Price: 25 nis
”In order to register, please send us your profile or fill out the attached form. If you have already registered with us for past events, send an email to register with your updated information.
All event info will be sent to registered singles on Friday May 8.
 This event will run in a slightly different format from previous events.
We will start off with round robin introductions with shadchanim facilitating the tables and continue with one on one speed dating.
The Round Robin will start at 8:30pm prompt.
The speed dating will start at 9:00pm.
The Acheinu events are run in a very comfortable and respectful forum and are catered to those singles that would not feel comfortable attending other events due to hashkafic/tzinius concerns.”
For more information email

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