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Yom HaÁtzmaut Listing – Save money, family activities, events for singles, davening times and much more..

Well, Israel is celebrating her birthday again and it’s time to celebrate.

Make sure to  scroll down the My Shteiblech Page to see all that’s happening and YOU can post on the My Shteiblech and My Shteiblech TEL AVIV groups.

Click on here to find out about ceremonies at Ramban, Yakar and other places this afternoon for Yom Hazikaron, leading into Yom Haátzmaut and other Yom Hazikaron events on today.

Students celebrate Yom Haátzmaut with the HU student union.

Check out these links to find out what’s on:

1) Save money with Frugal Israel. Free attractions and events.

2) Fun for the Family – Fun in Jerusalem, Joanna Shebson.

3) Anglo – List listing for what’s happening throughout Israel.

Happy Birthday Israel!



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